I see a lot of benefits in being able to talk about coding and projects in front of other people. It is a win-win situation for you and your audience. Your audience can learn from your experiences and you get to meet lots of different people. Additionally you will learn a lot while preparing a talk too.

Right now I am talking about these topics

  • Laravel PHP Framework
  • Chatbots (general)
  • NELA - A chatbot to improve your English skills

My last talks

Date Location Talk
17.05.2017 Laravel Frameworkers Vienna Meetup The beauty of Laravel's notification system and how it helped me to create my first Laravel package
23.02.2017 ViennaPHP Meetup NELA and the chatbots
20.11.2016 BotsHubVienna Meetup NELA - A chatbot to improve your language skills
25.04.2016 Webclerks Meetup Hello World, I'm Laravel
28.11.2015 DrupalCamp Conference Vienna Hello World, I'm Laravel
17.04.2015 ViennaPHP Meetup Laravel 5
Note: You can find my slides on Speaker Deck