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✨ My Build Chatbots with PHP book ✨

I am right now writing my first book called "Build Chatbots with PHP". Woohoo! This is super exciting for me and hopefully for you as well. Let me share some thoughts here about it with you.

Big news

Today is very, very exciting to me. I told everyone about my new book project and I released a little page showing everything you need to know about it. Check it out here.

Image showing my new upcoming e-book Build chatbots with PHP

Once upon a time

In mid of January, I decided to write a book about chatbots and PHP. I was looking for a new project, where I could use my gained chatbot experience from the last two years. Additionally, I wanted to create a product to help people starting with chatbot development. Tada, the book idea was born.

When I started building chatbots in 2016 there wasn't a single tutorial available on how to do that with PHP. The only way of learning how to do so was by trial and error, but I made it through! Now, two years later, you will find some blog posts on the subject, but still not much. With this book, I want to change that and give everyone the perfect starting point for building chatbots with PHP.

Stay updated

While I am writing the book, I want to inform you about its development. You will find two options for that on the product site. First, you can sign up for the newsletter. This way, you will get once or twice a month an email from me with news around the book. Additionally, you will also get a free sample chapter right away!

Besides the email newsletter, there is also an option to sign up for updates on Facebook Messenger. Just tell my little chatbot helper on the page about it, and you will receive news through this channel. I like this additional option a lot because it already shows another chatbot use case. Of course, you can use both as well :-)

Screenshot showing the newsletter bot asking for signups

What's next

My todos are pretty obvious: writing, writing, and writing. I can tell you, I have never been writing so much in my life. It is really exhausting. I am still trying to find the "flow", but it gets better every day. Besides that, I am also working on some great examples and tutorials I will publish on my blog soon.

So this was it for today. I hope you're interested in this new project of mine and please sign up for more news about it. If you got any questions or feedback, just contact me on Twitter.

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Build Chatbots
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After 6 months of writing my first ebook and video course are now out! Follow the link below to the available packages in the store or subscribe to the newsletter to get a free sample chapter.

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