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After 6 months of writing my first ebook is now available! Follow the link below to the store and the available packages.

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"Benefit from my experience and let me teach you everything you need to know to build chatbots in PHP"

Hi, I am Christoph 👋

I'm a chatbot developer and speaker from Vienna. For the last two years, I’ve been working hard to deepen my knowledge in programming chatbots and helping others to do as well. I’ve been building several chatbots for small and big companies as well as for group chats with my friends and personal ones for myself. I’ve gathered a ton of experience with different messenger APIs while integrating bots in Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram or on websites with custom solutions.

I used my favourite programming language PHP for these projects. Yes, that's possible. No need to learn another language like NodeJS. PHP's got you covered!

When I started building chatbots in 2016 there wasn't a single tutorial available on how to do that with PHP. The only way of learning how to do so was by trial and error, but I made it through! Now, two years later, you will find some blog posts on the subject, but still not much. With this book, I want to change that and give everyone the perfect starting point for building chatbots with PHP.

Table of Content 📕

  • Introduction
  • Chatbot Basics
  • The Rise of Chatbots
  • Why PHP Is A Perfect Fit For Chatbots
  • Build Your First Chatbot in Plain PHP
  • Chatbot Frameworks
  • Chatbots and the GDPR
  • Let's Build a Conference Chatbot for Laracon EU

Who this book is for 🤔

You are the right person for this book if you...

  • want to learn more about chatbots
  • you're a PHP developer and want to build a chatbot
  • are interested in how to setup up a chatbot project from scratch
  • like to level up as a chatbot developer
  • want to innovate your company's or client's services
  • you want to contribute to the future of conversational interfaces

When will it be released? 🎉

The book has been released on the 12th of July.

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